Deron, Jorvondre (“Dre”),
and Davonte (“Coy”)

These three brothers are very attached to each other, and hope to find a family to adopt them together
First in line is Deron.This sixth grader does well in school and gets along extremely well with others. Deron is respectful and well-behaved. He enjoys all sports, but he especially likes wrestling and playing basketball and football with his younger brothers. Extracurricular sports are a must for this athletic teen. Deron exhibits a protective nature towards his younger brothers.

In the middle is Jorvondre, who goes by "Dre". An alert and mischievous youngster, Dre enjoys sports and coloring. In the third grade, he is doing well academically in his alternative school. Like his brothers, he is always up for wrestling. But this budding artist comes to life when he is drawing pictures.

Last but not least is Davonte, who likes to be called "Coy". This little guy is a very affectionate and energetic fellow who loves praise and affection. A first grader, Coy is eager to learn and is developing his academics and skills. He enjoys playing with his cars and wrestling. Meal time will not be a problem for him because Coy loves to eat!

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Photographer: Kit Hedman